Who is Fitme for?

Fitme specializes in helping women who are burnt out on diets but want nutrition and exercise changes to live a more healthy lifestyle. Yes, most women who join Fitme have a weight loss goal...but they also want something more substantial. They don't just want to "do the thing" and then have all of the progress go away as soon as they stop. They want to achieve actual fitness. They want to keep up with their kids, go on adventures, have energy and confidence in their lives. They also want to feel relief from constant pressure of diets & the exhaustion of worrying about food.

Does Fitme work with men?

Fitme's program is primarily designed for women. We refer male inquiries to coaching businesses within our network of trusted professionals. Fitme does welcome trans, non binary and gender fluid individuals who are a good fit for our services.

What do the clients in Fitme have in common?

Many of the women in Fitme are "go getters" and "high achievers." Doctors, engineers, teachers, therapists, moms, nurses, volunteers and leaders. The common thread- almost all are incredibly hard workers, givers and have put themselves way down on the priority list for a long time.

What is a typical timeline for someone working with Fitme?

Because many people in Fitme have either dieted for many years or struggled with nutrition habits for a long time, our program focuses on a long term solution. We offer a 6 week challenge as an entry into our program and then most clients complete a full year program with Fitme.

Who is Fitme NOT for?

Fitme isn't for someone seeking nutrition coaching services for high level competitive sports or body building. We sometimes work with women after they are done competing and help them create nutrition habits for their real lives.

Fitme is not for someone with an active eating disorder.

Fitme is not a clinical nutrition service and cannot provide meal plans or nutrition advice to treat a medical condition.