6 Weeks to Feeling Good Again!

Get the weekly routine you need to feel more balance in your life and your body.


Instead of obsessing over weight loss, we're asking you to schedule time with us.

It's a whole lot more human, and that's why it works.

What you get, and why it will work for you:


Weekly Challenge Coaching Calls

We'll keep you on track with weekly calls to motivate you and teach you how to eat better and exercise for your body.


Meal Prep & Workouts that work for busy lives

Meal Prep made easy- no unruly grocery lists, no scales necessary. Our Meal Prep Resource Guide keeps things simple so you can start eating healthier and improving your relationship with food.

Workouts - Empowering, effective and straightforward workouts make health movement a habit, not just a one time thing. Build strength and fuel your metabolism with minimal equipment


Private Community, prizes and Swag!

Private community- Can't make a live call? That's ok! Just because our schedules don't align doesn't mean you have to miss out. Find any-time support from other Fitme members in our private community and share tips, encouragement and momentum. And- get prizes along the way for milestones!

Our 6-Week Challenge, Your Opportunity

If you join us and complete the challenge, you earn a month of 1-1 coaching for Free

We are with you every step of the way!


6 Weeks of Meal Prep

We make it doable, fun and repeatable. Eliminate the stress of constantly trying to figure out what to eat and have a game plan for each week. No hours in the kitchen required!


50 Workout/ Movement Sessions

When you move your body, you feel good. With accountability and support, workouts won't feel like something you "should" do, but something you are doing!


100 Healthy Meals

Our simple nutrition strategy makes healthy eating doable. We simplify complex nutrition principles to help you feel great, lose weight and practice a sustainable strategy you can do forever.

The Fitme Method and Why it Works

You're a smart woman with a busy life, and you don't deserve a punishing diet.

You're not doing anything wrong. If it doesn't work for your REAL life, then it just plain doesn't work.

That's why we've built a challenge with the realities of day to day in mind.

Our cost was built to be accessible while asking you to take your health seriously

That's $16/week

BONUS: If you complete the challenge, earn 1 month of Fitme coaching for FREE!

  1. Once you've finished the 6 week Fitme Challenge keep the momentum going with coaching and support every step of the way.

  2. Build confidence and consistency in your nutrition, exercise, boundaries and body image.

  3. When you complete the challenge, get a totally free, month of 1-1 coaching, to support you to achieve your goals.

About 2 months ago - I designed the Fitme Challenge as a first step...a way to get started with Fitme.

Just like all Fitme programs, I did the program myself because it was based off what I knew would work.

It's not all about the weight here in Fitme, but since starting the Fitme challenge, I am down 10 pounds... almost back to my pre-pregnancy clothes and feeling strong and healthy.

I'll guide you through the exact changes you need to make and help you build your own progress story over the 6 weeks of the challenge.

Excited for the group doing the challenge with me!!!!

- Christy

Founder of Fitme Community

Meet Other Fitme Community Members

"Fitme's not just for nutrition and fitness and getting your bodies healthy, it's a whole package. We're making things happen for ourselves...we're getting our minds right and we're making it happen."

- Marlena

"I just celebrated my 44th birthday and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have way more power over food and a level of self control and self confidence that I have never experienced in my life."

- Natika


  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • The Fitme Meal Prep Resource Guide

  • Our Strength Program and Cardio Workout Guide

  • Access to walking calls and meal prep support and private Fitme Community

  • The Fitme Challenge tracker to help you monitor your progress

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