The Fitme Challenge

6 weeks to feeling good again 

Get the weekly routine you need to feel more balance in your life, and your body.
6 weeks of group meal prep, workouts, walks and community.

We're not asking you to lose weight, we're asking you to schedule time with us.

It's a whole lot more human, and that's why it works.


What you get, and why it will work for you:

Our 1-1 Assessment Coaching Call zeros-in on your personal goals & needs.

We'll help you build a plan with a measurable strategy tailored to your personal needs, schedules, and goals that tracks more than weight.

Meal prep & workouts that work for busy lives.

Meal prep made easy– no unruly grocery lists, no scales necessary. Our Meal Prep Resource Guide keeps things simple so you can start eating healthier and improve your relationship with food.

Workouts – Empowering, effective, and straightforward workouts make healthy movement a habit, not just a one-time thing. Build strength and fuel your metabolism with minimal equipment required.

Live calls, prizes, & swag that keep you motivated.

Weekly live calls for meal prep, workouts, and walking– because it’s easier when we’re in it together. We’ll be there cheering you on in weekly 30 minute calls as we meal prep, walk, and workout together.

Private community - Can't make a live call? That's okay! Just because our schedules don't align doesn't mean you have to miss out. Find any-time support from other Fitme members in our private community and share tips, get encouragement, and build your momentum!

Prizes - Who doesn’t like a little extra incentive? We keep our challenge fun with chances to earn rewards like gift cards and swag as you hit challenge milestones.

Our 6-week Challenge, Your Opportunity

If you join us and complete your tasks, you'll earn a month of coaching for FREE.
We know it looks hard, but we're in it with you.
  • Do 6 weeks of Fitme meal prep
  • Do 42, 30-minute workouts or movement sessions
  • Eat 100 healthy meals and transform your nutrition

The Fitme Method, and Why it Works

We're smart people, with busy lives, who don't deserve punishing diets.

You're not doing anything wrong. If it doesn't work for your everyday life, then it just plain doesn't work. That's why we've built a challenge with the realities of day-to-day life in mind.


A Note From Christy

Through my experience coaching, diets don’t get to the root of the problem. Calorie restriction, crazy workout, that’s not a lifestyle. That culture asks already busy people to push themselves even further. We want hard work, but not like that. We go upstream, to the root of it. Together, on group calls and workouts, we make time to show up for each other and for ourselves. It’s about shfiting your schedule and your life, and enjoying it along the way.

Our cost was built to be accessible while asking you to take your health seriously.

Start Now For $97

That's $16/week

BONUS: If you complete the challenge, earn 1 month of Fitme coaching for free.
  1. Once you've finished the 6 week Fitme Challenge, keep the momentum going with coaching and support every step of the way.
  2. Build confidence and consistency in your nutrition, exercise, boundaries and body image.
  3. Get a totally free, month-long sneak peak into our Fitme Full Year Transformation Program, with access to an entire team of skilled coaches dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

Meet Your New Community

"Fitme's not just for nutrition and fitness and getting your bodies healthy, it's a whole package. We're making things happen for ourselves...we're getting our minds right and we're making it happen."

Marlena (New Mexico, Pharmacist)

"I just celebrated my 44th birthday and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have way more power over food and a level of self control and self confidence that I have never experienced in my life."

Natika (Maryland, mom of 2)





1. Your 1-1 Coaching Assessment Call
2. The Fitme Meal Prep Resource Guide
3. Our Strength Program and Cardio Workout Guide
4. Access to weekly calls and private Fitme community
5. The Fitme Challenge Tracker magnet to help you monitor your progress
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