Fitme Resources

Fitme will help you create the lasting and sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle you are looking for. We know you are sick of quick fix diets that don't work and complicated strategies that don't work for real life. Choose what works best for you!

If you're read to learn how to eat healthier without spending hours in the kitchen, then you cannot afford to miss out on this FREE plate guide challenge.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a healthy plate without spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping

  • Navigate when you go towards comfort foods or unhealthy option because of the "feels"

  • Get going when you feel overwhelmed & don't know where to start


Learn the 3 essential steps for to take your metabolism from sluggish and burnt out to fueled and on fire.

This masterclass is specifically for you if:

  • You find weight loss slow or nearly impossible

  • You feel like age has impacted your energy and your weight

  • You want to take proactive steps to change your health

Get the plan you need to stick to your nutrition challenges, follow through on your workouts, and get out of your own way.

Christy will show you the strategy that Fitme Clients use to create consistent progress and will help you defeat self sabotage.

Small changes that create big results...

This masterclass is specifically for you if:

  • You feel stressed, tired and busy and struggle to prioritize yourself

  • You feel motivated in the short term, but your changes tend to fall off

  • You want to save time and energy by making worthwhile changes that have big payoffs