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I want you to experience a Fit and empowered pregnancy.

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A Message From Coach Christy

I understand how you feel.  When I was pregnant with my older sons, I felt isolated.   I remember looking online for support and finding endless fitness programs for women at every stage BUT pregnancy.   And worse yet, everything pregnancy related felt like a scary story.   So I did exactly what so many of us do...  I put exercise on hold until after baby.  I ate whatever junk food I wanted and I worried endlessly about my baby and changing body.  

But this time...I am experiencing pregnancy in a whole new way.  I feel confident about what to eat, how to exercise and how to support my growing baby and changing body.  Most of all, I don't feel alone!  I am plugged in to a community of amazing women and professionals.  I want that for you too and that is what you will find inside Fit Me Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is an amazing time to improve your nutrition.

What you eat will nourish your body, your baby and help you feel your best.  Whether you have been eating well before pregnancy, or you are just getting started, there are a few simple things you can do daily!  Download your free nutrition tip sheet!

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A few simple tips to help you nourish your body and baby and minimize yucky symptoms!

I need you to know something.

10 and 8 years ago I had my first 2 children.  They were beautiful babies and they are beautiful children now.  But here's the truth... despite my healthy babies, the aftermath of pregnancy left me in a very unhappy place in my body.   

I gained over 50# with both pregnancies.  I had terrible eating habits and didn't exercise.    I was ashamed of my body and thought I was stuck forever in perpetual diets and clothes I could hide in.  I thought this new "reality" was part of becoming a mom.

I don't want you to be stuck in this place!

I want to build healthy habits during pregnancy!

Think about it!

I don't want you to miss out on enjoying one of the most amazing and exciting experiences of your life. You can feel empowered with information, confident because of excellent coaching, and most of all happy because you are connected to a community.

Not baby weight

That picture on the left... that was me...stuck in that unhappy place.  I was 2 years post partum...and the baby weight had become my new body.

But the picture on the right... 7 years later as a nutrition and fitness professional, I started a new type of pregnancy journey. 

This time around I am supporting my body and growing baby with healthy eating habits, consistent movement, exercise and community.

I will not be going back to that unhappy place and I don't want you to end up there either.

I want a Fit Pregnancy so I can be ready to be a Fit Mommy!

Is someone you know pregnant?

You can give Fit Me Pregnancy to a friend, family member or client. She will thank you for supporting her during this special time.

Why Fit Me Pregnancy?

We all want access to every resource available. But I totally understand. Geography and finances can make that impossible.

Expert Support Means Confidence!

With Fit Me Pregnancy, you will learn from our most trusted experts including a:

Sex Expert
A Physical Therapist
Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor
Fitness Expert
A Chef
and more!!

"I had my 30 week appointment today with the midwife and she complimented me and said "I don't even need to worry about your weight gain, you have only gained a total of 11 pounds". Shout-out to Christy for helping me keep my weight gain healthy but low! I told my midwife I was working with a nutritionist and she said how she really wished she would have known about options like that when she had kids! Thanks Christy you are awesome, hoping I can keep my goal of 20 pounds total by the end!"

Southern Maryland

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The missing piece


Nothing can be more frustrating than having information, but not being able to implement it in real life.   Information without practical strategies can leave you feeling stuck and like a failure.

With Fit Me Pregnancy, you will get information and coaching.  With regular support calls and expert advice, you will be able to implement what you learn in your real life. 

I want coaching with information and community support!


This is exactly what I am looking for!

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