Why Coach Christy Created Fit Me Habits...

For years I was stuck in a diet mentality.   There were 2 options…”off the rails eating junk” or a strict unsustainable diet.  Both options left me unhappy in my skin.  

I wanted the kind of fitness that didn’t just slip away when I went out to dinner or had a special occasion with friends or my kids.  I desperately wanted to feel confident… not just in my clothes…but in my body.  

​​​​​​​I felt disappointed in myself for not having the discipline or skills to get there.  But what I didn’t know then…was those diets were never going to work.  There was nothing wrong with me.  I needed a better way.


Nutrition Targets

Each week you will get specific nutrition targets.   These targets were chosen to move you forward.  They are simple and doable but not easy!  You will be challenged in a way that creates lasting change because you will modify your routines to meet these targets!


Fit Me Habits includes an 8 week progressive strength series that you can complete with little to no equipment.  You will also receive 4 optional conditioning workouts each week appropriate for all levels.   *Gym communities will receive 20 mobility and recovery sessions.


Each week you will receive 5 recipes.  1 breakfast, 1 snack, 2 dinners and a dessert.  This is not a meal plan!  These delicious and doable recipes will build your arsenal of healthy meals and ultimately be the cornerstone of your new personalized meal planning.

Coaching Calls

Every week, you will have the opportunity to plug into group coaching calls with Coach Christy and Coach Molly.  These calls are extremely helpful and are personalized to support those in attendance.  All calls are recorded for those that can't attend the live version.

Community Support

The Fit Me Habits community is AMAZING!  Your successes and challenges will be celebrated and supported.  With this level of encouragement and accountability, you WILL succeed!


Every participant receives a personalized habit tracker.   In addition daily accountability posts will help you build consistency and momentum.

Program Starts September 16th!

8 weeks of small improvements add up to big results!! Don't wait for the next fad diet, make REAL change!

Fit Me Habits 8 Week Program


*Payment Options Available

Weekly Nutrition Targets with helpful guides

40 Doable and Delicious Recipes

8 Weeks of Workouts or Recovery and Mobility Sessions

Weekly Coaching Calls


Personalized Tracker

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"At the end of Part 1, I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 8 pounds and 1-2 inches everywhere else!! WOOT! Bring on part 2!!"

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