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What's Your Challenge

challenge inspiration Jan 16, 2022

In a few hours I’m headed to get my knee injections.


Every 6-9 months I get these injections in my knees to help with arthritis pain. They are called Synvisc. It's basically an injection of gel into my knee capsule to create space and lubricate the joint.


The needle is big and no fun…but these injections make a big difference for me.


Why do I get them? Well…as a result of my time serving in the military…I have a challenging knee situation. HA… that’s what I say now instead of saying I have a bad knee. “Challenging knee.”


One mistake surgery turned into 9 additional surgeries. So I’ve had 10…which included 4 major reconstructions, a bone graft and a microfracture.


Needless to say, doctors told me I needed a knee replacement 8 years ago…at 30 years old.


So these injections help…and I’m also very proactive about my nutrition and exercise.


Funny how closely tied all of it is…in either direction.


Hurt knee -> Less Active -> Frustrated -> Give up on food choices -> Gain weight -> Knee hurts more -> Less Active -> Frustrated -> Give up on food choices.


I’ve been in that exact situation. In fact that was how I found myself 40 pounds overweight,, stuck and feeling like I would never get to be active and healthy and fit again. That was 9 years ago.


What’s crazy is that I learned the chain goes the other direction too.


Hurt Knee-> Must be active-> Determined -> Pay attention to food choices -> Get to a healthy weight -> Less Knee Pain -> Get more active -> Motivated -> Use food to manage inflammation -> Be fit and healthy


Listen…you won’t hear from me that it’s an easy deal when you have a “challenge”... especially a truly painful or hard one. But it can go either direction and you get to decide.


You might have your own challenge right now too.


Insert your challenge here <bad back, stressful job, difficult family dynamic, hurt foot, autoimmune condition, toxic relationship>


Any of those could be the link in a sequence of events that leaves you feeling - well, not like you. And STUCK in a cycle of being less active, more frustrated, gaining weight and giving up.


But your challenge could also be the link in a sequence of events that drives you the other way.


Important !! Not everyone feels this way btw…a lot of people will actually tell you it’s not possible. Not because they don’t want you to succeed, but probably because they are used to people not doing anything and that is the common story.


But, you and I…we can be different. The challenge becomes a part of the story…not the whole story.


So…today I’ll go get my knee injections…and tomorrow I’ll go to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class…the next day I’ll lift weights in my garage gym…and everyday I’ll eat to take care of my body…because challenge or not…I’m determined to be active, fit and healthy. All of my fitness and active lifestyle I created AFTER 10 knee surgeries…and you can too.


Do you have a challenge going on that triggered a sequence of events in the wrong direction for you?


I can help you change direction…and I want to help because I get it.


Email me at [email protected] and let me know.



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