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Scale Talk

body image Aug 03, 2021

Do you know why the scale is so powerful?  I think it’s because we can associate it with different things. We know people at certain weights. We’ve seen BMI charts. We’ve had doctors and family members talk about certain weights. We remember our body at distinct weights.

We have context so we have mental baggage that goes along with it.

I remember when I competed in the sport of Olympic Lifting.  I had been accustomed to lifting in the gym using pounds.  But the sport of Olympic lifting uses kilos.

All of my mental expectations around what weight should feel like mixed up. For example, if I thought 200 pounds was a heavy weight… mentally my body prepared for that feeling.

But 90 kg?  I had no idea what that felt like. So I could just lift the weight.. without expectation.  A lot of times this meant I lifted a lot more weight because I didn’t mentally psych myself out.

The mental freedom from the weight only lasts so long, because if you stay in the sport long enough, your mind starts to learn the new numbers.

But I wonder how your life would change if we removed the baggage with the scale. If it just became a data point…a tool. Something you could use or not use.

Here’s the truth about the scale. It shows the sum of your bones, your lean body mass (aka muscle) and your body fat. It also includes water.

If you have extra body fat and want to lose it, you will want the scale to trend down over time. And by over time I don’t mean days… I mean weeks, months and years.

On a daily basis, the scale will fluctuate up and down due to water, inflammation, hormones, and food consumption/ digestion.

The scale also doesn’t account for changes like increasing muscle vs increasing fat. You might add muscle and lose fat and think nothing has changed. But that is incorrect.

Where the scale can ruin your progress is when you are doing the right things to lose body fat… the stuff we show you in fitme… like moving more, eating healthy plates, decreasing sugar and processed junk… but then you get on the scale and it is up.

It’s up because daily fluctuations are normal. But it doesn’t feel like that…because we have mental baggage around the scale.   So then… you stop doing the things helping you to lose weight.  It’s easy to stop, by the way, without a coach to help you.

So then- no more change. The scale tricked you. Because you were on the right track, but the baggage and expectations that daily numbers will reflect your hard work didn’t match up.

Daily numbers on the scale shouldn’t have power over you. But I understand why they do.

That’s why fitme only uses the scale as a tool in our program, rather than the end all be all.

Some people don’t use it at all because it doesn’t actually help them. Our coaches help create a downward trend over time, but help you get over the baggage with the scale and create the change you want through consistency.

Write me back and tell me how you feel about the scale.  Does it hurt you or help you?  Does it impact your consistency?


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