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crossfit nutrition results weightloss Apr 06, 2018

or someone who has been doing CrossFit consistently, at least 4 days a week, since September 2012, it sure didn’t feel, or look like I did.  I wasn’t comfortable with the way I fit in my clothing, I hated how I felt like I put in so much work at the Box, but it never reflected in my body ’s appearance, and it just seemed as if I couldn’t t keep up during any of the WODs.

I finally hit my breaking point, so at the beginning of March, I decided to confide in Christy about my overall body image issues and my interest in seeking nutritional counseling.  I can honestly say that was the best decision I had ever made.

I had never attempted any sort of dieting before talking to Christy, other than the, I’m not going to eat sweets for a month and see what happens… which was always a huge disaster and never worked. She explained to me the concept of counting your daily macros, and that it wasn’t dieting because there were NO restrictions on what I was allowed to eat, only that I had to be more aware of HOW MUCH of something I was eating.  Just hearing that I didn’t have to give up anything that I loved made me highly motivated and confident that this was something I could do!

The week before I officially started counting my macros, I familiarized myself with the My Fitness Pal App.  I logged everything I ate for an entire week.  That was a huge eye opener for me.  I never thought I ate too poorly, I knew I could always do better, but seeing how much fat I was actually consuming a day and how little protein my body was getting was shocking!  So on March 16, 2017, I began the first day of my awesome macro counting journey!

The first week was probably the hardest due to having to plan out some meals ahead of time, which I had never done, in order to make sure I hit my daily macros.  I was also eating way more food than I had ever eaten before!  The App makes it super easy to keep track of everything, and you’ll find out how fast you fall into a routine.  Christy made a Google documents spreadsheet, that we both have access too, where I log my weight, carbs, fat, and protein each day.  This made it easier to track my progress.  The best part was the more food I ate, the more weight I lost, and you can see the pattern just by looking at the spreadsheet!  This was highly motivating for me to actually see the numbers every day and it helped to keep me on the right track.  If I wanted to eat out at a restaurant, I just looked up the menu before-hand.  If I needed any help, Christy was always available through text or phone call for advice.  She has made this lifestyle change extremely easy for me!

One of the most important things to do to help reassure your self is to take pictures! I can’t stress that enough.  Most of the time, it’s hard for us to see a change in our own body unless you take a side by side picture, and compare your monthly progress.  Even if your measurements or weight change comes to a standstill for a little bit, your body composition is still changing and you haven’t realized it until you see pictures of yourself.  Taking pictures has played a huge role in keeping my dedication 100% and it has built up my confidence.  I’ve also noticed a change in my stamina during WODs. A lot of the body weight movements (pull-ups, running, burpees, etc.) are easier for me now than they were months ago.  I feel so much better physically as well. It’s an all-around win!!

I still have a long way to go until I reach my own personal goals, but I have come so far since the beginning of March.  In just 5 months time, I’ve lost 16.1 pounds, 8% body fat, 3 inches around my chest, 4 ½ inches around my waist, and 2 ½ inches around my hips.  I’m so glad I sought out Christy for nutritional counseling.  She has helped change my body and my life!  I can’t wait to see what I accomplish in the future!

I began 2018 looking for a new solution to my never-ending quest for weight and body satisfaction.  For 25 plus years I have been unhappy with my outward appearance and have lost and gained many pounds in the process. I always did really well on short-term diets, especially when being accountable to someone or something.  But it seemed the minute the preset time or goal was met something in my brain clicked and I went right back to the old ugly habits of eating too much or punishing myself by eating too little.

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