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Maureen's Story

change crossfit fitness nutrition weightloss Jul 06, 2018

For 25 plus years I have been unhappy with my outward appearance and have lost and gained many pounds in the process. I always did really well on short-term diets, especially when being accountable to someone or something.  But it seemed the minute the preset time or goal was met something in my brain clicked and I went right back to the old ugly habits of eating too much or punishing myself by eating too little.

I was always tired, I was feeling that I was underperforming at the gym and I was fat. While my three squares were always healthy choices, I was snacking on crap and had no idea I was severely underfed.

Enter Christy Campbell… since starting with Christy I found out that was starving my body into being fat and fluffy.   I am eating more food with purpose and my body has responded in kind.  I am just under the 20 lb weight loss mark and my body is changing in all the right ways, more definition, much less fluffy.  My clothes will need to be replaced soon (not a problem) and I have much more energy.  I even leave some celebration days out there (Easter Brunch was great) but I am back on the plan today. I even did pretty well in the Crossfit Games for my 60+ age group finishing 219 out of 2,229 of the seasoned ladies worldwide.

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