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listenmama mombrain momlife podcast Dec 11, 2019

Episode Two - Mom Brain Busted


Listen Mama.... you have WAY too many tabs open!

On Episode 2 of the Listen Mama podcast, Jess and I talk about "mom brain."  We both share some funny stories about how too much multi-tasking resulted in absent minded blunders.   But...we also get a lot deeper and talk about chronic stress, strategies for being present and ultimately how to increase clarity and focus.

Even if you aren't a mom, or maybe never had "mom brain," if you feel like you have a lot on your plate, this episode is for you!   Download on your favorite podcast platform and please give us a rating and review!  

Enjoy the episode!


P.S. New to podcast listening? It's super simple and FREE.   Here is an article for how to listen on an iPhone or Android.   You can also download a podcast app like Downcast or Spotify. Be sure to subscribe so you automatically get new episodes each week.

P.S.S. Prefer to listen from your computer.  Here is a direct link! 

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