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fitme Journal: Challenge

consistency fitmechallenge success Jul 07, 2021

Somebody stole my pics on instagram and made a fake account.

How funny is that?  I guess I should be flattered. I reported the account so hopefully it goes away.

If fake Christy reaches out to you, you can be her friend... she probably needs one.  But just know it isn't me.

In other news- fitme is launching its first ever Plateau Buster Challenge. 14 days, starting Monday, to get the scale moving down, shed some fluff and build momentum.

We are even doing a prize! Not for the fastest weight loss or biggest transformation...even though I expect solid results for people. Losing weight as fast as possible isn't great for you or in line with fitme values.

But we are doing a prize for consistency.  The ultimate predictor of success.

Believe it or not, I'll even be doing a slightly modified version of the challenge from my family vacation in Hawaii next week.  Because - honestly - I want the results for myself too.  Plus, the fitme method works everywhere, in REAL LIFE that's the point.

>>>>>>> So sign up for the 14 day challenge here and do it with me and bust your plateau or build some momentum.  Let's do this!

Until tomorrow,


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