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fitme Journal: Chain Reaction

boundaries guthealth priorities sleep Jul 06, 2021

Today I prioritized extra sleep over writing this blog. I stayed in bed longer and now don't have as much time to write.

Good job on getting more sleep?

Nope- Here's the truth.

Last night, I prioritized watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy over sleep. I stayed up too late and didn't get enough sleep. I totaled 6.5 hours. Which isn't enough.

Writing my blog to you is a priority. But I needed more sleep.  So I sacrificed my priority. But I didn't get enough sleep because I allowed a TV show to push a boundary.

Funny how that stuff works.

You ever skip a workout or walk because you are tired?   You want to give yourself grace because... you don't want to add stress?  But workouts are a priority for you?

But what made you tired?  In all reality - that is the priority.

Is eating healthy a priority for you?  But you ran out of time to eat breakfast, so you just grabbed drive through so you wouldn't starve? Why did you run out of time? Why was nothing prepped? What was your chain reaction?  What was your actual priority.

Tough love for me, tough love for you.

Until tomorrow...


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