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fitme Journal: Before Pics

beforepics coaching trust wellness Jul 02, 2021

I took pictures today for my coach. She needs them to benchmark where I am now and help us measure change with more information than just the scale.

I also reviewed pictures today for a new fitme client.   She sent them to me as a part of her intake.

From a coaching perspective the pictures are very important.   If we can't be "in person," then we need a snapshot of reality.  So when we do the work, we can measure change.

But as I did mine this felt like a strange parallel moment.

Taking a picture of your body - before you are feeling confident and where you want to be... Well, it's a thing.

It feels honest and raw and weirdly contrite or apologetic. I'm sorry I am here and need your help.

It's also the start of a trusting relationship.  As a client, I trust my coach to use the pictures but not judge them. To not manipulate them, or share them without permission. Trust to help and not criticize.


It is one of the most important things for us in fitme.  We never share pictures without permission.  We never manipulate change them for social media.  We never talk about our clients in a way that we wouldn't be ok with them hearing.

We honor the day 1 picture as sacred.   We acknowledge that it is hard to take the picture, we value your trust and we are here to help.  We are proud of you on this day for doing something for you, for getting support.

So today as I took my pictures, it was a perfect reminder of the vulnerability in that moment and why we do things the way we do in fitme.

Until tomorrow,


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