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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 8

challenges deployment emotions hormones momlife pregnancy Dec 09, 2018

I'm still feeling meh today.  Seems like the congestion has shifted to my chest.  Last night I coughed in my sleep and almost pulled a hip flexor.  How about them apples!

Guess those ligaments are extra loose and expanding.   I'm feeling ok though, no need to worry.  I don't know how to activate my "man cold" mode, so I'll just keep cruising until I can't.  Thank you for all the great suggestions.  I'm trying some of them.

Yesterday morning was challenging.  Shortly after finishing my email to you, I made myself some tomato vegetable soup for breakfast in my blender.   Blender was on full blast, so I couldn't hear anything.   As soon as I turned it off and poured the hot soup into my bowl, Henry came downstairs with "that look."

He had opened all his dresser drawers and tried to get something from on top.  The entire dresser came crashing down, thankfully not on him, and shattered a glass that was on his dresser.  It didn't break into a few pieces, it exploded into a million pieces all over his carpet floor.  So glad he wasn't hurt, but you can imagine the mess.

Right after the kids left for school, and I finished cleaning the mess, I noticed it felt cold  I looked at our thermostat and realized it was only 60 in the house, despite being set to 68.

Well.. the heat pump died.  I called 4 places and the soonest they can fix it is Monday morning.  So we are rolling with space heaters.

So... to tell you the truth... nothing about yesterday was that bad.  I have a cold...not a serious illness.  Henry is safe and he could have been really hurt.  And we are using space heaters, but are not frozen.

I know all of this logically.  But... I still sat there after hanging up with the last heating company and cried.   I could see myself being silly but couldn't do anything about it.  My emotions didn't give AF about logic.

Pregnancy hormones plus missing Josh, who is amazing at fixing everything, plus feeling sick...

Anyways, I didn't want to tell you this... I didn't plan to until I actually wrote it.
Just figured you've probably had a moment like this too at some point.  And I really want to share my days honestly.

I got it together and had a great day coaching my nutrition clients...  I had wonderful night cuddling my boys on the couch watching movies and drinking soup my mom sent over.  It wasn't a bad day.
Until tomorrow.


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