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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 6

baby body change goals pregnancy Dec 09, 2018

​​​​​​​​​​​​My body is changing.  Lucky for me, because I coach from home, I can wear what I want.
I'm living in leggings, but that really isn't new. lol

At 13.5 weeks pregnant with baby number 3, I think it is probably normal that I am starting to show.   My middle has gone from thicker to sticking out.   I have gained some weight around my hips, and my arms and legs feel less lean.

I have boobs again for the first time in 5 years.

My skin on my face is more prone to breakout.   It could be the pregnancy hormones or possibly the dairy that I've reintroduced in my diet.  I'm not having it all the time...but way more than pre-pregnancy.

Sometimes instead of the scale, I have my clients rate their body composition with an emoji.   I'll do that for you guys.


That's how I feel about my body with the rapid change.

Listen...I can give myself the talk... my body is creating a's going to change.   I 100% agree.

But it's still my body.  It still feels strange.
Do you ever feel this weird push and pull between being "in" your body and being a "whole" unit with your body.   Like sometimes we separate from our body... and say... my body is doing this... or my body is doing that.  My body refuses to do ....x.

Our physical bodies certainly don't reflect our character, our personality or our soul.  But, if its the one and only body we get...well, we have to embrace our bodies.   We are not separate.

I appreciate these questions may be too philosophical for your average Thursday.

But this morning I was thinking...does it make it easier to criticize our body if we are disconnected?

That's one of my personal goals for this pregnancy... to become more connected with my body...less critical.

Let me know if you ever think about this...
Until tomorrow.


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