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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 28

athlete fitpregnancy goals pregnancy Dec 28, 2018

Baby Bean Adventures

Yesterday's hike was amazing.  It was 3 miles round trip, of fairly flat, but snowy terrain.  The midpoint of the hike is a half circle at the base of a mountain with literal ice caves.   They are dangerous because ice shifts and collapses from time to time so I didn't go near them.  There are also occasional avalanches so even more reason to keep my distance.

As far as athletic adventures, my baby bean and I have done one olympic weightlifting competition at 8 weeks pregnant, hiked Mount Pilchuck at 12 weeks, and now snow hiked the Ice Caves at 16 weeks.

I guess baby isn't much of a bean anymore.  According to my app, he/she is about the size of an avacado and will double in size over the next 3 weeks.

Anyone else's house look like a Christmas bomb went off in it?   Well mine does.  Mission for today is to clean up my house....and put the finishing touches on my 8 week, group coaching program that starts in January.

The program has workouts, weekly goals, check in calls and recipes.  Today I am finishing up the recipes.  I'm adding my absolute favorite healthy- family friendly recipes for breakfast, snacks, dinners and desserts.  Do you a tasty healthy recipe you love?
I would love to hear it.

Until tomorrow.


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