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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 127

babygirl momlife podcast routine Apr 10, 2019

Perfect Morning?


I woke up this morning so exhausted I had no idea what day it was.  I scanned my brain....nothing.

Ok.. it.  Writing, get boys to school, client call, CrossFit, vet appointment, work on pregnancy program, group coaching call and Henry's horse lessons.

Believe it or not, Wednesdays are my light schedule days...I plan my week that way to give me a recharge mid week.  I do almost no client check in calls on Wednesday.

I got why am I so tired?  I went to bed at 1030 last night...not too late.  Get your butt in gear girl...time to go... puppy is crying and I already hear boys talking.

Wait why are they awake?  It's 630 in the morning...ugh...writing time happens before they get up.

In the bathroom I notice my new soap... ooo yay...I'll shower one day soon.  Kidding not kidding. lol

Morning clothes, cup of water, coffee.  Not hungry yet...still feel full from dinner.  #hotelbaby
Kitchen isn't clean... I left dishes in the sink last night... I hate that.  I will do them while I make breakfast....after I write and take care of some admin.

Henry is sitting at my computer.... so much for writing.  Bonny is collecting and hiding shoes.... makes finding them in time for the bus a little challenging.  Move Henry... I need to do some stuff.
400 things to do are in my head already.  I am not stressed, just considering them.

This stream of conscious thought.... is this how all mom's feel?  Get up and roll....

I structure my morning the best I can...I typically wake up before boys...I write and get as much done as possible while its quiet....i put my phone away from 8-845 during breakfast and "kid get ready" time.  I clean my kitchen and start laundry while I cook breakfast.

​​​​​​​I give myself about 10 min to get ready before I am out the door at 9.  #navyskills
I can confidently say my mornings aren't Zen.  But they don't feel bad either.  They are busy....sometimes chaotic....mostly efficient....very efficient.   No time for me...but hey...isn't that the way it goes right now?

I wonder how I will fit a new baby in this routine?  Less sleep?

Question for myself and you... what would the perfect morning look like?  Not a vacation morning...but a regular day morning?  What would you do... what would you have time for.... would it alter your day?

I know I know.. you can't because....

Just play along...

Something to think about.  I'm going to consider it today and write you my "perfect" morning tomorrow.

P.S. Thank you for all the feedback from my podcast episode with Jason Phillips.   If you missed it, here is the link or you can download it on your podcast app.  I was also on Mike Millner's Mind Over Macros Podcast.  We hit a lot about Mindset... here is the link.


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