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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 121-122

change deployment family military Apr 05, 2019

Turn turn turn...


I am sitting on the couch...drinking coffee...trying not to sneeze.  It is allergy season and as beautiful as the flowers and trees are... I am allergic to pollen.

If I sneeze, I will likely spill coffee on my macbook and pee myself.  The slam dunk of morning wins.

I can't tell you exactly when Josh's ship returns to the US, but what I can tell you is he should be physically in this house 6 weeks from today.
If you are new to the journal, he left on October 14 for deployment on the USS Stennis, an aircraft carrier.  I was 5 weeks pregnant, which we found out as a complete surprise a few days before his departure.

A lot has changed since then.  For one... I look pretty different.  I'll be 36 weeks pregnant when he gets home.  Henry has grown his hair out to full surfer length.  It's messy and curly and he never brushes it.

Logan on the other hand, now insists on styling his hair religiously before leaving the house.  Every hair must be in place.

The boys have started and now regularly practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Our first family dog, Diesel, passed away in January at 13 years old.   And we welcomed Bonny Bear, a Bernedoodle puppy, into the family a few weeks ago.

​​​​​​​Those are just a few of so many things.
To be honest, I really don't know what has changed for Josh.  These past 6 months have not been about himself or his family.  They have been about service....24/7....literally.  Most of his daily activities he can't tell me.

He grew a mustache ....which btw he knows will not return with him from deployment....and that's about all I know.

How do you catch up on 7 months?  I'm not sure you totally can.  This is the real sacrifice of military families... time.

Until tomorrow.


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