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Fit Me Pregnancy Journal Day 118

consistency practice pregnancy puppy training Apr 01, 2019

Be Like Bonny


I'm working on leash training Bonny.  She wants nothing to do with it.  Yesterday I took for a half mile walk at a local park.  She figured out she could escape her collar and run away through the grass.  Lucky for me, Logan was there to chase her because my 30 weeks pregnant body isn't very fast.

When she was secured on her leash she would sit or lay down so I would have to drag her to initiate walking.

It's my fault because we hadn't been on a leash in about a week.  It's like I erased her

We are going to do it every day now until she gets the hang of it.  Plus it will help me add up some miles for the mileage challenge.  Last week I did not hit my goal.

Bonny and people are the same.  It's what we do everyday that really counts.   When you do something adapt and the task becomes easier.  No magic philosophy there...just truth.

Is there something that feels hard for you right now?  Maybe you don't need a new strategy or more ability.  Maybe you just need more consistency and practice.  Like Bonny.
Bonny isn't a bad leash walker... she just hasn't done it enough yet.  Maybe you aren't a bad cook, or terrible at exercise.  Maybe you aren't doomed to have a crappy body image... You just haven't practiced consistently enough.

Food for thought.  Happy Monday!


P.S.  Yes... body image, like anything else, is something you can change by consistently working on it.

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