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Fit Me Journal September 22

action boundaries planning Sep 22, 2019

How to: Perfect Day


So a few days ago I wrote out my "perfect day." If you missed it, click here to read.

I got a few responses that you were going to write out yours, so definitely send them to me! After writing it out, I felt great about it. But then it has been really hard to write the follow-up. What needs to change to achieve it....for some reason my brain didn't like this part.

 I think I will write it out systematically and then summarize it.

Here is my perfect day, plus action steps.

6am Wakeup - the kitchen is clean and the house is quiet... I have 1 hour for coffee and writing.  

2 Action steps to achieve this: Clean kitchen at night and set alarm for 555am.  Don't allow other distractions like social media or emails to disturb writing time.

7am - 730 Start making breakfast and listen to something interesting and thought-provoking like a good podcast or NPR

Action Step: This one is easy and will happen if the one before it happens. It only doesn't happen if I am late on above.

730-830 Mom stuff - feed boys and baby, talk about day, help them get ready and out the door for the bus. (NOT BE DISTRACTED BY PHONE or LAPTOP...FULLY PRESENT ! )

Action Step: Put phone out of reach

9am-10am Workout with people- I feel so good when I workout in the morning...with people is key because it really fills my cup. Walking counts too.

Action Step: Workout clothes must be clean and no calls scheduled during this time.  

10-11 Eat and Self care - Shower, eat a really good meal, get food set out for dinner. (Sounds crazy, but if I skip this then I am neglecting myself)

Action Step: Can't set out what doesn't exist. Grocery shopping must happen. Sundays and Wednesdays for grocery order.

11am-3pm Coach clients - I love coaching and this would absolutely be in my perfect day.

Action Step: Stick to this block for scheduling calls.

3-4pm Admin Wrap Up- I need a designated time for email and text "catch up" so I can be present in the evenings the way I want to be. 

Action Step: Wait to review emails and texts until this time.  

4-9pm Family and People/ Outside time- I want to take kids to activities, catch up with friends, touch base with family, water my plants, eat dinner together, read together and get ready for bed.  

Action Step: Dinner is key here... If I am scrambling for dinner, the rest of this is a mess. Plan out dinners for the week.

9-10pm Wind down

Action Step: Don't get out computer.

10pm Bed

Action Step: Turn off TV

So most of those action steps are pretty straight forward. It's the boundaries that are the hard part. We create our own boundaries...or we don't. But it is up to us to stick to them. Call schedule, putting away phone and laptop, waiting to read texts or emails... all boundaries.  

Entirely up to me to stick to them. Easier said than done for sure.

The other action items are just about planning...have groceries ordered, laundry clean and meals planned out. When I write it out like that it sounds so simple. But if I don't do them then my perfect day falls apart.  

So WHEN will those things happen? If I don't designate a time, it's just a nice idea.   

Sunday am- Write out dinners for the week

Sunday am- Order groceries

Sunday afternooon- wash and put away laundry if I want my perfect day...the only thing stopping me is boundaries and a little advanced planning. Gosh...crazy when you actually see it written out like that.

Ok.. next I'll tackle my perfect week and year...but I'll save that for next time.

If you are doing the perfect day exercise with me, this is your step 2. What action steps, boundaries and planning need to be in place?

Write it out and let me know your thoughts.

Until tomorrow,


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