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Fit Me Journal September 15

habits weightloss Sep 15, 2019

The Itch


So I dropped off all my family last night at the airport and our lakehouse week together came to a close.  It was amazing.  We hiked, we kayaked, we laughed and played board games.  We went out to eat and shared wines and desserts.  We enjoyed our time together.  We missed Josh a ton, but it was a really good  week.  The only way it would have been better was if he was there.

But, as I look around my messy house and assess my over indulged body, I have that itch. It was a fantastic time, but now I'm ready to get this weightloss cracking… oh, and my house cleaned up.

Tomorrow I will be leading the next round of the Fit Me Habits 8-week program and most importantly, I'll be doing the program myself. I am so ready to build some momentum on my body changes and no better way to do it than with a group of people making change too. This program is how I lost 40 pounds 6 years ago...It worked for me then and I've seen it work for past participants this past year.’s the deal….something in my gut tells me I need to re-open registration for one more day. I know what happened, you thought about it all week, but just didn’t pull the trigger.

Look...there is never going to be a good time to put yourself first.   

This isn’t the first time you wanted to do something and then didn’t get around to it because of work, family obligations or just plain uncertainty.   

Or maybe it's just as simple as too much multi-tasking. Thinking about what you need gets interrupted by texts, facebook posts, kid needs, house stuff, and work stresses.   

“What was I doing?” 

“Oh, I’ll do that later.”

But here’s the thing… later can turn into weeks...into months...into years.


And then when you finally decide to clear the noise and do something for yourself, it is so much harder and so much worse.  


Don’t let that happen! 

Clear the noise and distractions AND GET THIS DONE FOR YOU!

I’m opening registration one last day specifically for the procrastinator….for the person sick of being stretched so thin they can’t make progress…. I’m opening registration for you….because I know you have that itch too.

So before the next text comes in, before your kiddos yell mom, and before that email dings….get signed up!!!    

Tomorrow we start the 8-week program...and YOU start a new chapter for YOU!

Sign Up Now!  

Here are your link options

1 Year of Coaching Bundle

Fit Me Habits 8 Week Program Part 1 Only

Fit Me Habits 8 Week Program Part 2 Mindset and Nutrition Only (Must have completed part 1 first)


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