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Fit Me Journal September 13

coaching offer Sep 13, 2019

Virtual Seminar Invite


I’m headed back home today from the cabin - I’m sure Bonny, Daisy, and Dolly have missed us.   I also have a feeling my poor plants are probably super dead from neglect.   

Ok… here’s the deal.  Today is your last day to sign up for the 8-week program because registration closes tonight.  

A bunch of people have asked me about what happens after they complete the program.   They are sick of the rebounds after typical challenges.

You finish the 8-week program and then what?   

Well, I will be 100% honest with you. 

After you finish Stage 1, you will take on Stage 2.  

In stage 2, I will challenge you to push way outside your comfort zone with mindset questions and targets.  So not only will you have the nutrition habits you need, but you will also have the mental habits.   

Basically, you will be unstoppable.   

Well, what happens next?   

For the really motivated people, you are going to want 1-1 coaching.   We will take the foundation you built and help you reach a new level of progress.  

Habits, mindset and individualized support to accomplish way more than you think is possible. That is my dream for you.  

So here’s the deal…. because that is our plan, I want to make it doable for you to achieve it.   

For today only, I have a special offer.   Rather than the $247 for the 8-week program, I want to offer a deal for the person who knows they are changing their fitness FOREVER.  

For $74/ month, you get 1 year of coaching. 

You get...Stage 1 of the 8-week program, stage 2 of the 8- week program AND 3 months of 1-1 coaching that you can use when you are ready.   We will even do a small group coaching to bridge the gap between months! 

If you were to buy these separately, it would cost you nearly $1250.   But for today only,  I am going to save you $400!!!  

And ….to make it even better….you can join us for any round of the 8-week program from here on out.  So whenever you need a tune-up, we are right here to support you...basically lifetime access.

You get everything you need…and lasting change.  A year from now you'll look back and see the moment you decided to flip the switch.

That moment is now.


P.S.  If you already signed up earlier this week and want to jump on this offer, just reply to this email and I’ll take care of it for you!

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