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Fit Me Journal October 22

coffee momlife podcast Oct 22, 2019

Mom Brain...


Sometimes I sit on my little couch in my office and balance coffee between my pillows and my leg.  Well today, I spilled it and it burned my butt.

I really need to get an ottoman or something in here.  Oh wait, I know why I don't have an ottoman in my office.  It's because I have 2 dog crates, a car seat, a high chair and a pack and play in here.  All that in addition to my desk, couch, plants and piano.   I guess it's cool to have everything I need...but I might be buried in here soon.

So, for now, I will play the dangerous game of balancing my coffee.

Ok, guess what?  I am going to be starting a podcast soon!  I am teaming up with a really amazing person for the project.  We are going to focus on pregnancy, postpartum, babies, mom life and everything that goes with it.  Real-life stuff.  She is actually a mental health professional, a mom and a nutrition we will have a lot to talk about.

I wonder if she is worried that I am going to use her as my therapist during our chats?  Hopefully not... well, she can use me as her coach and it will be a symbiotic relationship.  

Wait...I wonder if she will tell me that describing being buried under dogs, baby stuff and my office furniture is actually a window into my mom brain?   HAHA.

Anyways, I'd love to hear what topics you think would be cool?  Also, if you like podcasts, what do you think is missing out there?  Do you prefer expert interviews, stories, or just casual conversation about real-life stuff?

Let me know!!

Until tomorrow,


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