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Fit Me Journal November 4

challenge goals momlife Nov 04, 2019

Daily Grind


I'm sorry I haven't written as often.  My ability to write is directly tied to a specific time of day.  Morning.  And lately... my mornings have been unpredictable.   Restful sleep is now a distant memory and I catch myself thinking about what it will feel like to sleep through the night again.  I don't even remember what that feels like.

Georgia wakes up a few times/ night and Henry has been sleeping in my bed because he's scared.   Daisy, my almost 13-year-old lab, barks periodically and almost always first thing in the morning.

Side note...  even when I'm well-rested, I don't like to write later in the day.  My brain just flows better in the morning.  Have you ever noticed that about yourself?  Certain times of the day are better for certain things?

I read a book once that talked about that.  The author connected some of history's major accidents with particular times of the day.   It also looked at surgical outcomes/ industrial accidents etc.   Makes sense.  

The book is called "When:  The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing"

Check it out if you need a good read.

So anyway...when I don't have my mornings... I don't write.  Trying to do it later in the day is like pushing a boulder up a hill.  My brain hates it.

So since I missed a few journals last week... here are some updates.   3 weeks down, 3 to go until Josh comes home again.   I slacked on my "getting rid of bags of stuff" goal.  I am going to get caught up this week.  The goal was 45 for each day.  I'm at 9.

I'm in the last week of the Fit Me Habits 8-week program and so far have lost 6.2 pounds.  My goal was 8 pounds so I'm going to see if I can hit that this week.

I've also hit 10,000 steps every single day since I started the challenge in mid October.   It's sometimes tough to get it done, but I'm doing it....even if I have to march around my room....which I do... a lot.  You can join us on the #10keveryday challenge in the Fit Me Nutrition Facebook group. 

And last body is covered in little bruises and muscle aches from Crossfit and BJJ.   I'm physically sore.

I'm doing the daily grind.

So that's my Monday update.   Tonight I'm giving a nutrition seminar at Rebel Mel's in Monroe at 530 pm, so if you live in the area, be sure to come!!  I'm doing another tomorrow at 1030am if you miss the first one!

Would you be interested in a recording of my new seminar?  Let me know!

Until tomorrow,


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