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fitme Journal March 21

blogger momlife socialdistance Mar 21, 2020

Distancing Vibes

Last night the boys and I sat on my bed and played Egyptian Rat.   We normally play games on the dining room table, but last night we sat crosslegged on my bed.

  It reminded me of being a teenager and playing with my friends.   Even though the boys complained at first to pause their beloved screen time, I know they had fun.

They giggled and giggled.   The kind of little kid laughs that are contagious and not connected with anything actually funny.  Logan kept slapping the stack of cards, even without doubles, which is basically a foul in the game, and they would erupt in laughter.

It was nice.

Last week we received the news that with the DOD lockdown, Josh would not be returning home any time soon.  Both of his scheduled spring leave times were canceled.  I honestly felt sad and entitled.   Entitled to this family time we planned on... annoyed that we "paid our dues" of time a part and this was supposed to be an easier season...

A lot of swirly, sad, pity party thoughts.

I'm sure you are having your own version of those too right now.

So I couldn't fix it...not for myself or my boys, or Josh, or instead I made a coping game.  85 games for 85 days.  I got a journal and decided I would play 1 game with the boys every day until daddy comes home.   That way... just in case it gets extended further, we just get more games.

We've been keeping track of the games each night in the journal, writing the winner and anything memorable from the game.   We've done Rummikub, Egyptian Rat and Yahtzee.  Mommy is on a 6-day winning streak right now.

I've always said I wanted more time to play games with the boys.  More chances to seize their attention before they turn into teenagers.  I've promised weekly game nights and only moderately followed through.

Well, my best version of follow-through is the "every day" kind.  And social distancing is giving me the perfect opportunity...not just to spend time together, but also to teach my kids how to handle to feel sad, then reframe, then move forward.

Today we are going to pick up takeout from a favorite local spot and take our game to the park.  I think I am going to play 4 square or something with them.

How are you handling the changes in your life?  Do you need your own version of 85 games? Write me back.


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