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Fit Me Journal January 8

coaching goals learning living Jan 08, 2020



Are you getting smashed by the waves? I am. I wrote my New Year's goals this weekend...felt fairly pleased with my focus and energy and planned to crush it. I was gonna surf the big one.  

Fast forward to Wednesday and I have already used 3 of my #10everyday mulligans. Life has been busy and chaotic to the max. The boys have been nuts since Christmas, Georgia is extra fussy and things feel....well, hard.

The big waves of real life are already crashing on me and maybe for you too. A few people inside Fit Me Coaching have shared similar experiences...not quite hitting their intentions...little blips and hiccups already. We are all in the same boat. January waves crashing down on us and smacking us in the head.

So, here is the takeaway from this morning's email, and you need to hear it. I am not special because I am a coach, they aren't special because they signed up for Fit Me Coaching...there is no magic switch of "easy" that happens. Your real life and my real life will still go on.

But, think about it....there is a big difference between learning to surf alone or with others. When you are alone, after getting smashed by waves a few times, you probably quit. It sucks, you feel like you are drowning, you don't know how to do it, and it feels impossible. Plus you are alone, what if something happens? It's not fun.

But for me, and my peeps in Fit Me Coaching... we are learning to surf together...we are living life together. When a wave crashes on one of us, someone is there to help you stand back up, laugh a little and trot back into the ocean. Someone is there to give you little tips and tricks to learn faster. You are surrounded by other people trying too, so you know it isn't impossible. You feel renewed energy seeing others struggle and succeed.

You breath and swim and talk and about your day as you paddle and wait for the next wave. It doesn't feel like getting smashed by waves feels like doing something epic with friends.

Listen... I get it... doing things with a group can feel overwhelming. Don't you already have enough on your plate? Enough people in your life?

Maybe you do.

But, if you want to learn to surf, if you want to ride the waves rather than be crushed by them, that's really hard to do solo. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lot like how do you get there?

Fit Me Coaching signups are open until Sunday night at midnight. I cleared time in my schedule between now and then and would love to answer your questions or chat with you.

Reply to this email if the waves are crashing on you and you know it.

Don't be another person standing on the beach talking about the one day you are going to learn to surf....we are doing it NOW.

And we want you to do it with us.   

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Buying a surfboard is not the critical piece of learning to surf. Getting in the waves and staying there is.

P.S.S. Today's email is inspired by Chelsea and Marlena who openly and honestly shared falling off their boards, but are right back on it today.


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