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Fit Me Journal January 7

change coaching fitme habits Jan 07, 2020

Re: Super Glue


I spent all weekend preparing. I worked around the clock and only took breaks to clean up Christmas, hit the gym or feed my children. If you know me well, you know I'm not kidding. By Monday morning I couldn't see straight, but it's ready.    Fit Me Coaching is open for signups!

All week I am going to talk about the program, it's the nature of the beast so that I ensure you don't miss signups, since they close Sunday night. But I am not going to do any fancy sales pitch or convincing strategy. That isn't my style anyway and honestly, I don't want you to sign up unless this is right for you.

I'm going to tell you about this program straight from my heart.

A month or two ago I did a little "come to Jesus" with myself. I asked myself how do I (Christy Campbell) help people best...and by extension...How does Fit Me provide the biggest transformation? Not what can I do...or what can we do...but where is the magic? Why us and not one of the 50 million other options out there? 

 What is the unifying factor in the people that achieve their goals and leave us different? Better? Happier?

Here's the answer....and here is what you get with Fit Me Coaching.  Glue- sticky, strong, potent glue.   My gift, our gift, our biggest offer is to take your real-life... the real YOU, and stick it to what you need to make life better, fitter and more fulfilled.   

Think about it. There are endless programs, strategies, workouts, coaches, and groups. There is every bit of knowledge you could ever need on the internet.

So why isn't that enough?

If you don't have the glue, that stuff just exists. You try it and it doesn't doesn't stick.

So here is what we are going to for you in Fit Me Coaching.

We are going to cement new daily habits that change your body.

We are going to weave together mindset, body image, and food relationships so they empower you rather than sabotage you.

We are going to connect you with genuine authentic people who fill your cup and make you more alive.

And to take the metaphor a tiny step further, our glue doesn't stick to the toxic, dangerous and destructive diet strategies. In fact, it repels them so you become immune.

So when you check out the page....and you definitely need to look at it...You aren't going to see GLUE listed. It's not really something I can put a price on. This time next year, you will agree. It's impossible to put a price tag on something that changes your life.

So if you know you've been missing something, it's time to sign up. Time to make New Year mean something.

Click here to get the glue.


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