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Fit Me Journal January 4

action consistent goals nonscalevictory Jan 04, 2020

My body weight is...


So I got on the scale this morning for the first time in a few weeks. 163.8 That is 10 pounds down from where I was when I started the last 8-week program in September. I've lost 30 of the 40 pounds I gained in my pregnancy.

So as I got off the scale, I thought to myself..."Sweet!! Progress!" what is my new year's goal? The first thing that popped into my head was 157 pounds. Hear me out... I am conditioned just like you to focus on scale weight as a goal. I thought... 5 pounds is reasonable. But then I stopped myself.  

"Christy...the scale is an outcome!" It's not even in your control and it doesn't really matter. What are your goals??? 

So here is what I came up with for the next 9 weeks 

(1 week of Fit Me Reset + Fit Me Habits 8 week program)

 Hit 10k steps every day (3 mulligans/ month)

Avoid refined sugar and alcohol (2 mulligans/ month)

Stock up freezer with 9 healthy family meals (1/ week) *This is to prep for spring sports season and will force me to plan meals bc I'm going to make double of 1 meal each week for the next 9 weeks.) 

Read 1 paper book. 

Veggies with every breakfast.

3 sit down meals/ week with my kids.

These will build on top of the habits I put in place the last 8-week program (water, workout consistency, no processed junk, etc)

I suspect and anticipate.... that by hitting my goals, I will see the 150's on the scale and likely fit into some old shorts that I like.   

The scale and body change are the outcomes of the actions I will take to hit my goals.

Saying that again.

By taking consistent (not perfect) action to hit my goals... my body will adapt and change.

So the question for all of us... isn't how much weight we want to lose this New Year...but what are our goals to make our body and lives better? And are we set up to ACT on these goals consistently?

I want to hear your goals for the new year. Write me back and let me know!!!

Until tomorrow,


P.S. I'll probably check in once or twice on the scale over the next 9 weeks. It's fun to see the change, but a scale number isn't going to be the focus.


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