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fitme Journal January 20

change militarylife Jan 20, 2020

One more step...


20 months down, 4 to go.  

If you are new to the Fit Me Journal, let me explain.  We are a military family, I am a Navy veteran and my husband is active duty.   In May of 2018, Josh reported to his new sea duty assignment and we have lived apart 95% of the time since then.   After deployment, he returned home a handful of times for a week here and there, for the most part, he is still on his ship.

A lot has happened in that 20 months including a cross country move and the wonderful surprise of baby Georgia to say the least.  We found out 6 days before he left on deployment that we were pregnant with her.

Most recently, he was home for Christmas and left on December 26th.   We will see him again in February.   I think for all of us, we feel like we are in the home stretch.   In June, he will return home, be done sea duty and have new orders where we currently live.  We will be reunited as a family.

But until then, mentally it feels easier to not talk about it too much.   We are in the grind...the final lap...I count every milestone as the last one.  Kind of the way you would on a really really long run...that's the last turn...that's the last big rock....that's the final mile marker. 

 I also count occasions...small and large.  That's the last birthday without him, the last Christmas clean-up, the last MLK day.  I sometimes catch myself staring at the plants and trees in our yard knowing that when spring turns, we are almost there.   I am more excited than ever for new blooms and buds because I know what it means.

I am feeling good in these moments and not feeling so anxious I can't enjoy them.  But I feel like satisfied when they pass too... one step closer.

Well, I'm off to juggle the boys on yet another day off school.  I hired Henry to come with me to BJJ this morning and sit with Georgia and entertain her with books and toys.   His first babysitting money.  

Until tomorrow.


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