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fitme Journal January 14

goals momlife snow Jan 14, 2020

Snow Dayzz


Fit Me Journal January 14

It snowed...again.   Schools are closed and the boys will be home to fight and wrestle like Tasmanian devils while I juggle a full coaching day.   In fact, they've already started begging to invite extra Tasmanian devil friends over.  If we have a coaching call today, I apologize in advance.

Tomorrow is my day off and I am really ready for a re-charge.  I am getting a massage and getting my eyelashes filled.  I'll hit the gym and probably just sit quietly....I do that on days I don't coach.

If you've been reading for a while, you know that I give myself Wednesdays off every week.  It's like my own secret Saturday when everyone else has a normal day.    Real Saturdays are normally dedicated to kid life, errands, and activities.   Wednesdays are sacred.

That is, unless mother nature decides to dump snow on my recharge day and traps me inside with my crazy crew.   If that does happen, I'll just lean in and make tomorrow a snow day for me too.   I'll go build a fort with the kids and hold Georgia as the boys pull us in a sled.  


I was going to complain, but either day sounds great now that I think of it.

I was chatting with a friend and client the other day and she said that one of her goals for the year was about her kids.   Instead of limiting screens and saying no, she decided to "crowd out" screens by paying attention to her kids.   Dang... that seems obvious.   It's similar to the way I talk about crowding out crappy food, by filling your day with solid choices... there just isn't as much room left for the junk.

It stuck with me.  If I want the boys to play less Fortnight and fight less, we need to do more together.   Easier said than done while I single mom it waiting for Josh's return.   And, I don't know that I can add something to my schedule.  So yet again I return to "less but better."   Make what is on my schedule less... but better, and schedule and prioritize the important stuff.

I do this already a decent amount...but anything you want to master, you have to return to and remind yourself, there is no switch of perfection.

Let me know your thoughts...

Until tomorrow,



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