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fitme Journal January 10

change momlife pregnancyprogram progress Jan 10, 2020

Re: Your Text


I just got the best text. To tell you the truth, I needed it. Launch week can be pretty emotionally draining for me, and #momlife has been tough this week. I've been working around the clock and the kids and dogs are determined to destroy my house and my sanity.

This text was like giving Popeye a can of spinach.  

It lit me on fire because it is what all of the hard work is for.  

Here is her message,

"Happy Friday! It's been a year since I started my Fit Me journey with you. I know the scale and measurements aren't the only way to track progress, but I'm pretty pumped with then numbers. I'm looking forward to what 2020 is going to bring and I'm grateful for the habits and community you provide. Let's rock 2020!"

She also sent a screen capture of her numbers:

Jan 2019 to now Jan 2020

Weight 197 now Weight 172.8 (Down 24.2 pounds)

Waist 36, now Waist 31.5 (Down 4.5 inches)

Hips 46.5, now Hips 43 (Down 3.5 inches)

Chest 40.5, now Chest 40.5

She summarized it way better than I can. And the best part of her text is that she knows we will continue to build on her progress. She didn't commit to a diet...she committed to a new normal. 

And as she lived out that new normal, her body changed. That's how this works.

My dream is that this time next year, I am getting a text like this from you.  

We built the absolute best coaching program available to help you learn and then live the new normal. Will you take the leap of faith like she did last year?

Choose to be among the tribe of people doing this together. Commit to sending me this text next year and let's do this.

In fact, go ahead and draft your text and reply to this email with what you want it to say.  That very well could be the first step in making it a reality.

Until tomorrow, 


P.S. Here is the link with all the details you need!


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