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fitme Journal February 5

momlife postpartum sleep Feb 05, 2020

Night King 1, Christy 0



I received lots of nice notes and encouraging messages about sleep. Thank you.   

Yesterday Amazon delivered a cute little stuffed owl that plays lullabies and projects star lights. We tried the new bedtime routine to no avail. I took Georgia in my room when she was tired, got her dressed for bed, nursed her and cuddled her, then put her in her bed. She was very drowsy but not asleep.

She looked upset that I put her in there, so I stayed next to her and put my hand on her chest until she started to doze. After probably 20 min, she finally closed her eyes. I moved like a ninja to my bed to wait and see….

Less than 2 min later she woke up and started crying. I walked back over, put my hand on her chest said goodnight. And then I went out and sat on the couch. I set the timer on my phone for 15 min…She screamed and never gave up. The boys were super stressed by her cries which was pretty sweet. I like it when they show concern for her.

After 15 min, I went back in and picked her up. Her face was covered in tears and she immediately stopped crying when I picked her up. I sat on my bed and she took big weepy breaths as she fell asleep on my chest.  

I put her in her bed and she did her normal 2 additional nighttime wakeups- cry – then nurse back to sleep. The night also included Daisy waking me up 2x and Henry coming in after a nightmare.

I’ll put a picture of my sleep cycle on my instagram story. You will laugh.

Side note, my postpartum weightloss is at another plateau. It will likely stay there until I crack this sleep code. It is very difficult for a body to lose weight if it isn’t getting enough sleep. #coachtruths

I think I’ll try the same strategy again tonight and maybe start a little earlier.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Georgia’s room is upstairs and feels too far away. For now, she sleeps in a pack-and-play in my room. Especially until Josh moves home, this feels good to me…but I recognize may not be ideal.

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