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fitme Journal February 14

balance family wellness work Feb 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day! Guess who is coming home tonight? My Valentine! Yup, it's been a full 8 weeks since he's been home, but Josh's plane lands tonight and he will be home for a full week.

I've been in "go mode" since he left on December 26th, barely slowing down enough to count the days. But we made it. In my head, I called this the winter hump. Dark, short, cold days... lots of rain. I think it rained 90% of the days since he left.

His next trip home will be in the spring, then one more at the beginning of May and then he moves home in June.

"Go mode" really does help pass the time. It has the dual benefit of making me less lonely and allowing me to throw myself into my passion of Fit Me. But I already know, "go mode" isn't sustainable and not really what I want all the time.

Can I tell you something cool? I am going to be taking an entire month off this summer. June 15 - July 15 will be my family sabbatical. I'm going to throw a fun birthday party for Georgia, help Josh move home and get reacclimated, go on a family vacation, and have some time to waste with my family, friends, my dogs and my plants.

It will be a month away from coaching, away from leading Fit Me, away from "go mode." Why? Because I'm not waiting for retirement or some magical "success" number to start building time into my year for chill. Instead of "Maybe one day, I'm going to take a month off for family," I decided a few months ago, I'm starting this tradition in 2020 regardless.

What does success mean anyway if you don't have the ability to give yourself time?

I actually think the time away will make me better at what I do... give me clarity and insight and energy to reinvest back into Fit Me and my daily " to do's" with family.

So... until then...I'm going to keep at my "go mode"... I like it. But I'm also excited for summer... excited for Josh to move home...excited for that new chapter to start with us living together again.

Ok... off to clean my house a little bit...order some groceries and get ready for my honey to come home!

Until tomorrow,


P.S. Do you need to build a sabbatical into your year?

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