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fitme Journal Feb 25

habits momlife nursery sleep takingcarababies Feb 25, 2020

Georgia just slept 11 hours. I'm not kidding.


We started the "Taking Cara Babies" sleep program 5 nights ago and we are finally getting somewhere.  

We started sleep training just in time for Georgia and I to travel to San Diego tomorrow.

I'm sure we will have to start all over when we get back, but at least for now we made some progress. Maybe I should have waited?


As a general default setting, I never like to "wait until after"... to start a thing that needs to happen. I guess even with my boys and baby Georgia I apply this rule. It would be so easy to say, "Wait until after Josh leaves, wait until after the San Diego trip, wait until after daily savings, wait until after Josh comes home, wait until after spring break, wait until  after..."

There is never really a good time to something hard and uncomfortable and sleep training is both. There will always be a good reason to wait.


Here is a funny thing I am learning during this sleep training program... Many of the exact same things I use for myself to create a happy healthy lifestyle and that I talk about in Fit Me, apply to create sleep change for Georgia.

Here are a few examples:

Environment Counts - 

For Georgia that meant setting up her crib, getting a dark room, buying a sound machine, keeping boys quiet near her room.

For us that might mean making our beds, filling the house with good foods, having a clean kitchen and food prep space, surrounding ourselves with supportive people, etc.

Consistency Over All-

For Georgia that meant a specific bedtime window, a consistent soothing effort, a wakeup window, and discipline to stick to it when it felt hard.

For us that means movement on days we don't feel like it, ordering groceries every week, taking time to pack snacks, plugging into community routinely and discipline to stick with it when it feels hard.

A Plan with Support-

For Georgia that meant getting a plan from an expert and consuming all of it. I watched all the videos and read all the materials. I followed it to the best of my ability and have reached out a few times for encouragement.

For us, that means deviating from the status quo with a plan that pushes us to live differently....learning it wholeheartedly and then seeking support and encouragement.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But...with all of that said...because of the upcoming trip, I'm still going to have to accept a little deviation.

We go to San Diego tomorrow and will have to change the environment, disrupt consistency and step outside the plan. 


Her progress will be temporarily disrupted, but not halted. It's not going to be even remotely close to perfect, but we will do our best to make it work.

Then when we get back, we will pick right up where we left off. 


And hopefully, after a few days back in the routine, she will be back to 11 hours of sleep and we will continue with our much happier sleep schedule.


What hard, uncomfortable thing have you been putting off "until after...?" 

Signing up for your first 10k?

Leaving a job you dislike?

Distancing toxic relationships?

Making important health and fitness changes?

Cleaning out your clutter in your house and closet?

Starting your business?


Write me back and let me know.


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