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Fit Me Journal December 16

christmas momlife Dec 16, 2019

Medium well


I don't know that I'm recovered from travel yet. I got back a week ago today, but I really paid the piper on this one. Sleep has been hit or miss, I've struggled to get back to my normal workout routine and house catch up...well you know. Did I mention I've barely started my Christmas shopping?

Yesterday I was so wiped out, I decided to plant my butt on the couch for a few hours, cuddle with the kiddos and watch the movie Elf. I didn't want to cook, so I ordered food with Uber Eats from a spot not too far from our house. Small steaks, salads and baked potatoes.   

Solid choice for a quick meal order in.

Well...Henry refused to eat when the food showed up. Frustrating for me whenever I spend money on something. This is an ongoing issue at our house, wasting food...particularly if we go out to eat or order in.

But, 2/3 of the way through the movie, Henry went to go get his potato and finally eat. I hear him sit on the chair in my office and then say "Where's Bonny?"

I knew before I even stood up.

I'll tell you where Bonny was. Bonny was eating Henry's entire sirloin steak. She ate it all within 5 seconds.

I passed sleeping Georgia to Logan, impulsively yelled at Henry for leaving his food out. He yelled at Bonny for being the worst dog ever and then Georgia woke up and started crying.


It wasn't the end of the world....just frustrating. I guess if we sat at the dinner table the dog wouldn't get Henry's food. Simple  Also, my expectations that an 8-year-old will have sneaky puppy foresight may be misplaced.

I tapped out and we all went to bed early. We salvaged family fun time with some before bed cuddles and a puppet dance party on my bed. You can see a clip of it on my instagram story. The boys each had a puppet and Georgia was thrilled to watch them dance to hip hop music. haha

Ok... time to squeeze in a little Christmas shopping before the boys wake up.  Are you done your shopping?   What's a gift you bought someone that you are amped about?  I need ideas!

Until tomorrow,



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