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Fit Me Journal December 10

momlife sleep travel Dec 10, 2019

Fracking my soul


I'm back from Arizona. I have fluffy cheeks that I know come from sleep deprivation. Last night I slept well....but it almost made it even more obvious that my body is in deep sleep debt.

Georgia did great on the trip. It wasn't easy, but we made it work. I literally ran back to my hotel room at every bathroom break during the event to feed Georgia and tag in for a few from the babysitter.

But...we did it. And side note, Georgia made lots of new friends and was the star of both airplane rides.   

Guess what?? Georgia tried her first food yesterday! I took an organic sweet potato, cooked it until it was super soft and then mushed it up with some breast milk. She wasn't thrilled, but I think she liked the idea of eating.     

Her face wrinkled up and her tongue pushed the food out all over her shirt. Yes, mom fail, I didn't put a bib on her.  You can see it on my instagram story here.

We will try a little more today.

Question...Do you ever feel like you live in 2 worlds? This journal shares it perfectly. I'm sharing about Georgia's sweet potato mush and the logistics of our trip...I am aware of my puffy travel face and my need workout. I know I need to go to the gym. That is the surface layer world. By surface I don't mean shallow....maybe just surface like obvious... or visible.

But beneath that is this other world. The one where my mind is weaving through the gigantic dreams and plans I made this weekend. In the other world I feel almost itchy....The non visible world is where I sense my strengths and insecurities...where I both pep talk and doubt...where I eagerly see potential and goals but also "feel."

Does this sound like insanity? Being succinct with the below world can feel amazing...and sometimes scary or intense...but it is hard to do. This journal weaves connects those two world.... Writing is a gateway for me into the layer beneath. It is a method to uncover the insights into my own soul and relate them to the surface layer.  It is my connection to myself and you.

More insanity?   

Anyways.... here is my question. If I wrote a book, would you read it? Because I am committing, via this journal, that I will write a book this year. Even if just a few of you read it...that's ok.

Until tomorrow,


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