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Our mission is to help 100,000 women access a fit and healthy lifestyle through community, coaching and belonging.

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We will present ourselves, our methods and our results in a genuine and authentic way.

This will allow for true connection, individual growth and will disrupt the inauthentic and problematic social media space.



We will develop and practice habits in order to succeed in the face of real life trials.

This will create a foundation of physical, emotional and community strength.



We will communicate without judgement, show up fully and push forward together.

This will create a safe space for genuine relationships, create momentum and we will thrive in a team atmosphere.

Christy Campbell - Fitme Founder and CEO

Christy is the founder of Fitme. She is a NCI Certified Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and a USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach. She is a Navy veteran, and mom of 3. Christy created Fitme because she believes the path to a fit and healthy lifestyle is escaping chronic diets and instead creating a fundamentally different style of healthy habits.

The Fitme Team

Molly Shea

Chief of Operations

Tina Dominguez


Sarah Scott

Chief of Staff

Lia Martin

Director of Coaching

Amy Heape

Lead Coach

Jamie Lynn Estell

Client Success Manager

Rebecca Dane

Mindset Coach

Tara Banta

Coach/ Challenge Coach

Brittni Frady


Marlena Limon


Lisa Clerique


Paige Doty


Maritza Vega

Specialty Coach/ Coach

Nicole Miller

Giveback Coordinator