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4 Weeks of Better Nutrition, Movement and Healthy Habits

Feel Stronger and More Energized!

$197 for the entire 4 week program

  • Less bloat and water retention
  • More energy and less cravings
  • Noticeable changes in how your clothes feel
  • More confidence in your meal prep routine
  • Less stress and anxiety around food
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Daily Targets and Accountability

Every day you will receive doable and effective targets for your day.  Never get confused or lost because everything is sent to you directly through the app!

Direction from fitme Coaches

As a part of the On Track group, you will get feedback and direction from fitme coaches as well as access to a private group where you will connect.

Simple Healthy Meals

We help you make healthy eating simple and sustainable.  No need to spend hours in the kitchen or eat plastic food out of containers.

Effective Movement and Workout Routines

Whether you are just starting out, or have been exercising for a while, we will help you get moving and build momentum with your workout routine.

$197 to get ON TRACK in April

Honest conversations with coaches who have made a healthy lifestyle stick and can show you how to be successful too!

  • Meal Prep Advice
  • Escape All or Nothing Mindset
  • Step by Step Support
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Everything you need, conveniently in your phone.

  • Connection with your fitme coaches
  • Supportive community
  • Motivating fitme app with your daily targets
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Move and strengthen your body with regular exercise and activity.

  • See body changes as a result of your habit changes.
  • Build Muscle
  • Feel stronger and more energized.
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"This was exactly what I was looking for to help me get back on track. I love that the coaches have been on this fitness and lifestyle journey and are still working through it so the support is raw and real. The program is so practical and easy to fit it into my crazy life! I loved it!!!"



"Loved starting the fitme On Track.  It totally helped me keep nutrition and fitness as a priority without being too overwhelming to actually fit into my busy life. With the simple program it made it do able to work, be a mom and still make time for ME!"



"fitme on track has been amazing. I’m sure like many I have done probably at least 3-5 different “diets”. I was definitely nervous to join on track because of the though of it just being another “diet”, but fitme is SO SO much more than that ! First off it’s not a “diet” it’s learning about your body and the things it needs, it’s connecting with other women , sharing experiences , goals , fails, wins etc. I look forward to getting my movement in daily because it makes me feel good! I love the simplicity behind it all! I’m so happy to now be a part of the fitme family! I can not wait to get to know everyone more and grow together and learn new things as well as become a healthier, stronger, more confident ME."

Special Bonus - Workouts and Recipes!

As a special bonus with your On Track Program, you will also get 20 bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere and 40 delicious and doable recipes.

$200 bonus value included in your $197 On Track Program!

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Hurry and Sign Up for the April On Track Group that starts April 4th!

Don't miss your opportunity to get ON TRACK this January and feel entirely different in 4 weeks.  Less bloat, less water retention, better nutrition, more exercise and a supportive community in your corner.  We start soon and you don't want to miss it!









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"Being able to sum up my experience with FitMe in a few sentences isn't impossible, but it isn't easy!!

I joined FitMe with the expectation to lose some weight - and I did. In 6 months, I've lost 14 lbs, which is so much more than I ever thought I could.

What I didn't expect was to gain so many other things. I have gained new friendships, a sense of community, a cheerleading squad of women, the ability to hold myself accountable and created habits that have simply become part of my daily routine.

I have also gained knowledge about what goes into making my body do the things I need it to. I now have a better understanding of what metabolism actually is and how I can contribute to keeping it healthy.

Some wins that I have achieved in the last 6 months include increasing my daily water intake to a level I never thought I could. My skin has never looked better. I've gone down a clothing size and my clothes look and feel better on my body. My flexibility has gotten so much better.

I have learned to prioritize how I fuel my body with whole foods and this has made enjoying the special "treats" that much more exceptional."



When Natika joined fitme, she was still a bit skeptical. “Is this all I have to do? This seems a bit easy, but I’m going to see what I can do in a year.”
**Fast forward 1 year later: Natika has lost 30.5# and 16.5”!!! **She eats veggies with her breakfast. She has given away PILES of those clothes that she didn’t even want to wear. She has gone on vacations without worry and returned and gotten right back into her healthy habits. She still works out regularly at home and is currently doing a 5k program with her teenage daughter.  Yes, Natika is a rock star, but if you ask her what she’s most excited about, she’ll probably answer. “The changes my family is making are crazy. My 9-year-old made a fitme Plate yesterday for her lunch!”