The Coaching Program That Breaks Through All The Diet Culture Bullshit

fitme Nutrition Coaching is a 12-week virtual program, with the option to sign up for a full year, for real-life women who want to lose weight, and fix their relationship with food and their body, so that they can live life more fully and have confidence in their habits without using unsustainable diet culture methods.


Our coaching philosophy is simple and follows our 3 Core values of:



✺  We present ourselves, our methods, and our results in a genuine and authentic way. We show the good days and the bad days, we are real, open, honest, and vulnerable, and are able to share in an established safe place. Sticking to our core value of realness allows for true connection, individual growth, and it will disrupt the inauthentic and problematic fitness social media space.


✺  We believe we are better together and that no-one should have to do this alone. We communicate without judgement, show up fully, and push forward together. Our community is like a connected safety net of people, unlike social media where it may leave you feeling like an outsider. Sticking to our core value of connection helps to create a safe space for genuine relationships, create momentum, and ensure we all thrive in a team atmosphere.


✺  We believe that if you can't do something over and over, it's not for you. We develop and practice habits in order to succeed in the face of real-life trials. Sticking to our core value of resiliency will ensure you always get back up if you get knocked down because we create a foundation of physical, emotional, and community strength.


Do you crave a coach and community who understand what you're going through, and are there to support you every step of the way?


So, you crush everything else in your life, and you rarely fail at anything except this one frustrating thing. For whatever reason, you can’t seem to crack the code.

You’ve tried so many different things, but none of it has stuck.

Why? Because you are hung up on diet culture. 

And diet culture is like that person you keep falling for even though you know they always let you down.

This place that you continue to circle; you know, feeling like a chronic failure who will always be unhappy in your body, doomed to always follow the “next best diet”, and hating that you feel that way, yeah, that place…you can stop circling now.

We’re here to tell you that there is another option and we can show you how to do it.

The best part? You won’t have to do this alone. You will have support from the coaches and the amazing community of fitme.

Let Me Guess:


✺  You're tired of missing out on life because you're too fat, too busy, or too frustrated to enjoy it


✺  You believe that you will never achieve the results you desire


✺  How you feel gets in the way of enjoying your family and life


✺  You're tired of feeling isolated and not knowing where to start in regards to a fitness community


✺  Your feel like a failure because you see your kids picking up the same bad habits


✺  You truly want to stop dieting


✺  You crave connection and community


✺  You don't have any support from family or friends for your goals


✺  You're ashamed to start again


✺  You think the "best of life" has already passed and that this is "just how your life is now"


✺  You want to feel good in pictures again 

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We show you how to do the daily little steps in a way that lets you be consistent, and that changes your body and mindset, so your life changes too.


 Hi, I'm Christy, the founder and owner of fitme. I'm a NCI Certified Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and a USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach.

I'm a Navy veteran, Navy spouse, and mom of 2 boys and a baby girl.

I created fitme because I believe the solution to weight gain and negative body image is a fundamentally different style of healthy habits.

Mastering simple strategies like avoiding fast food and processed junk food, drinking water and moving are not the prerequisites for a diet...they should replace dieting.

fitme Members Are:


Moms, High-Performers, Real People, Firefighters,

Athletes, Physical Therapists, Survivors, Grandmas, Pilots,

Paramedics, Teachers, Veterans, Doctors, Retirees, Wives,

Engineers, Nurses, Military, Professionals,

and so many more, who 


✺  Are high caliber people who do really hard things, but struggle with this one thing
✺  Are sick over the idea of failing at having a fit and healthy body
✺  Know that the gimmicks around diet and exercise can't be the answer
✺  Are tired of being a victim of food restrictions, binges, and emotional eating
✺  Want to achieve things with their bodies like pull-ups and 5ks and climbing mountains, but also want to swim with their kids and feel great on date night.

Marlena L.

Marlena joined fitme after foot surgery. She went through all the original group programs, has lost ~30lbs, and has completed multiple 5k and 10k events after originally thinking she would never be active again. She is a steady rock in the community and has started taking big steps towards creating the home life and boundaries she needs to thrive. filler filllksdajflksdjfsdlkjf aldksfjsdlakjfsdkjf alsdkfjsdljkf alsdkfjsadlkfjdf alkdsfjsaldkjfsdalkjf alsk;dfjsldkjdslfj laskdfjslkjdf lasdkfjasdlkfjsdkljf

Mabel C.

Mabel started fitme with a modest weight loss goal and has made progress there, but her biggest win so far is her mindset. She not only uses the mindset work for herself, but also as a tool for supporting her son who has behavioral challenges. Her husband is active duty military and they've moved a few times, but with cementing relationships in fitme, she has continued to show up for herself, establish important boundaries, and push her personal growth.

Katie K.

Katie joined fitme as a past bariatric surgery client and has made incredible strides on self-talk and her relationship with food. She is a flight paramedic and is presented with junk food all the time. Leaving junk and fast food behind has been a huge effort and a positive in her life. She is in a season of body-love and freedom from the scale. filllllllllererererer adsfkjsadfkljsadlfkjsdflkj asdlkfjsadlkfjasldkfj asdlfkjsadlfkj asdlfkjasdlfkjdskjfskljfsdkljf  alskdfjlskdjfas;dfjk 


Kim J.

Kim joined fitme shortly after finishing breast cancer treatment. she has gone through reconstructive surgery as well as a pulmonary embolism set back, and is our communities unsung hero for grit and resilience. She continues to show up and doesn't quit on herself. She is determined to not die of obesity related causes like other members of her family. filler asdlkfjsldkfjlsdkjf lasdkfjlskdjflsdkjf alsdkfjsdkljflsakdfj aslkdfjsldakfjlsadkfj


Molly Shea

fitme Director of Coaching 

Lia Martin

fitme Coaching Partner 

Rachel Hall

fitme Mama Coaching Partner 

Lauren Robertson

 fitme Coaching Partner


"I joined because going through the 8-week healthy habits phases has helped me build a fitness community. It has also helped me pinpoint how to do all of this fitness stuff in a way that works with my life in a holistic way, without leaving out the mind-body-conneciton. I have learned so much about myself and I wanted to continue to expand on all of that. It's never just about numbers on a scale, instead, it's about those basic fundamental habits."


"I’m not looking for a diet or a plan. I need a lifestyle and routine. I need a way of living that will get me through the rest of my living days. Most importantly, I need the community. I’m really excited to start this new program. Even though I’ve done phase 1,2,3 and 2 again and one-on-one with Christy and every challenge through the year and the reset twice, I love that this program keeps evolving. I’m so excited for 2020."


"I came to you because your transformation was me. I saw myself in your before photo. You inspired me. I finally got to a point where I was frozen in fear, unable to move forward but terrified to go back so I was treading water for months. Getting a coach, defining goals and implementing real-life habits I could do forever. That changed my life and inspired me more to pursue coaching other people. Your program is real-life healthy forever."

Ready to Change Your Life?

Here Are Your Next Steps:


If you're ready to feel and look healthy in your skin and clothes, ready to enjoy different occasions without having fear around "messing up your diet", and learn habits that are going to stick for life, then send us an email so we can chat and learn more about you. 

If we feel like you'd be a good fit, our enrollment coach will reach out to you with the next steps.

fitme isn't right for everyone, and if we aren't 100% sure we can help you, we will help point you in the right direction. 


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